What is HRV?

Diagnostic method that scientists have applied in practice is called the
analysis of heart rate variability (HRV-heart rate variability analysis). It gives us an objective picture of the everyday stress of autistic children. HRV test is a test for determining the status of the autonomic nervous system, its components and the level of control and regulation, reserves, performance and efficiency. These findings really indicate the state of the body – the way it is organized, accordingly it acts. One of the parameters in this analysis is stress index, whose physiological values range from 50 to 70 units in children, and to 150 units in an adult. Among children with autism, stress index values ​​are typically between 700 and 800 units, sometimes even more. This value corresponds to a state of extreme exhaustion from stress in adults. We might assume that, because of low adaptive capacity, children with autism experience a kind of constant stress. Due to this, they flee to their own inner world compensating it for the various stereotypes and rituals, which are their safety.

HRV test not only determines the level of stress, but also serves as a basis for assessing the factors that may affect the autonomic nervous system, its performance and efficiency, targeted use of complex dietary supplements and ability to optimize the system. In already developed diseases, it is possible to achieve better quality of life, reducing the incidence of potential side effects of drugs and improving their efficiency. ”

HRV test uses the exact verification, comparing the situation before using carnosine and after a few months of use. At the first measurement, the stress index is very high in most of the children, but by using carnosine it decreases, and the first results are usually seen after three months, when the re-measurement is done. Start of carnosine action is individual, in some people effects are seen quickly and for some it takes a year or even two. Effects also depend on the dosage and time of use of carnosine. Sometimes, a lifelong use is required to maintain the positive effects.