Every woman wants to feel beautiful. A girl, student, mother or elderly lady, each of them feel good receiving even the slightest compliment. Beauty is not only in physical appearance. It has been known for centuries that beauty and health go together. When something does not function properly in the body, it is usually noticed in physical changes. When a woman is under stress and pressure, when there is a lack of vitamins, minerals or other substances that body needs, when the nutrition is unbalanced or there is some problem, the first thing indicating these changes are the face and skin.

Carnosine is a substance found naturally in the body (the body itself produces carnosine). It is a natural antioxidant, located in the body since birth. However, with aging its concentration is reduced. Carnosine is a primary element that keeps the body young while we grow older. Karnozin Extra has a remarkable ability to rejuvenate aging cells and cells that have started to age, turning them into fully functional and healthy cells. Special protein carnosine not only restores collagen in the skin but creates a thicker and more elastic collagen structure, thus improving the damage caused by aging.