Do you worry about your child’s health?

If your children are often ill, absent from kindergarten or school or even if they have frequent colds, inflammation of the ears or lungs, then you are now in the right place!

There is a natural way to boost their immunity!


Simple. Nature has been creating the perfect composition for millions of years.

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It is called colostrum, it is the first breast milk that Mom produces and it’s rich in substances that naturally boost immunity.

It is extremely important!

It represents the first vaccine for newborns.

Mothers produce colostrum just hours after giving birth.
That is why it is important for babies to take in colostrum during that initial critical period!

Over 3,000 scientific papers have been published on the topic of colostrum.

Children’s immunity is particularly unique.

At an early age, children encounter a variety of viruses for the first time, and their immune system is not sufficiently developedto provide the antibodies required to protect them.

Thanks to consumption of colostrum, the child gets already formed antibodies, ready to fight every infection.

How to bring colostrum in the body?

So now such a significant composition for our body can be absorbed in a completely natural and comfortable way.

It is produced by patented biotech freezing.

Kolostrum Extra® capsules contain 500mg of natural, biologically produced bovine colostrum, without any additives, allergens or antibiotics.

Kolostrum Extra

Kolostrum Extra® is significantly different from everything else available to you today!

Unlike other preparations, by taking colostrum, your child gets antibodies already formed, and ready to fight any infection.

The growth factors present in colostrum are responsible for the rapid growth and development of the digestive system, the brain and the child’s entire organism in general.
Colostrum-supplemented children show significantly better progress in all spheres of development (psychomotor, cognitive and intellectual).

Vast swathes of immunologists and allergists around the world agree that colostrum is the best thing that you can provide for your child!

Natural bovine colostrum is characterized by high protein quality, moderate lactose content, reduced fat content and a rich representation of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and immunoglobulins, especially IgG and IgA with high immunoprotective effect.

Boost your child’s immunity on time!

• Do your children attend social or school groups?
• Do they often get a cold?
• Do they suffer from poor immunity?
• Do they often have pharyngitis, otitis or pneumonia?
• Need antibiotics?
• Have digestive tract problems?
• Are they suffering from allergies?
• Eczema?
• Developmental delay?

Then Kolostrum Extra® is the right choice for your child!

Kolostrum Extra® is completely natural!

It is made from natural bovine colostrum, with no additional chemicals.

Kolostrum Extra® contains:
• Growth factors, immunoglobulins, creatinine, creatine, lactoferrin, transferrin
• Amino acids (taurine, beta-alanine, valine, lysine, glutamine, tyrosine)
• Vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12, A, C, E)
• Minerals (magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, sodium)

Package of 120 capsules!

Suitable for children over two years of age.

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