Determining the neuromodulatory potential of Karnozin Extra

Helps in proliferation and remodeling of nerve tissue .

We wanted to investigate the effect of Karnozin Extra solution on neuronal stem cells – neuroblasts. At the Medical Faculty at the University of Novi Sad, we investigated the effect of Karnozin Extra on the neuroblasts proliferation, an increase in the number of cells which results from the growth and division of cells.

Karnozin Extra solution was added in different doses to the neuroblast culture and the index that indicates cell proliferation was measured (Ki67). 

The study concluded that the application of Karnozin Extra solution increases the proliferative power of neuroblasts and shows a qualitatively significant protective potential on the nerve tissue. The group treated with the highest concentration of Karnozin Extra had the highest number of cells in their proliferative phase, implying that it increases their number by stimulating their growth and division.

According to these results, Karnozin Extra may be beneficial in those diseases that present with loss of neurons and diminished synaptic activity (epilepsy, stroke, neurodegenerative disorders, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease)

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