It is amazing that such a small dipeptide molecule can have such a big role in the rejuvenation of the body.

Carnosine has the remarkable ability to rejuvenate old cells and cells in the aging process, making them fully functional and healthy. Until the research results on the effects of carnosine became known, it was assumed that the old cells were not able to be rejuvenated. The most recent researches have shown that carnosine increases the time between cell divisions, at the same time increasing the number of divisions. Simply put, carnosine significantly extends the life of each cell, meaning more carnosine, the longer is the interval between divisions, and hence the greater number of cell divisions.

Latest studies show that patients, who take carnosine for a certain period of time (6 to 12 months), look younger than before using it. This is confirmed by experimental studies in vitro, which indicate that carnosine is capable of rejuvenating old cells in culture, as well as experiments performed on the animals, where carnosine prevents visible signs of aging. These studies have shown that carnosine significantly delays development of skin wrinkles around the eyes, lordokyphosis (curvature) of the spine and other typical signs of aging. Mice that received carnosine (carnosine is added to water for two-month old mice), not only “looked” younger than the mice that did not drink carnosine, but they extended life by 20% on average. Results of studies in vivo and in vitro have shown that carnosine significantly reduces the signs of aging, if analysing physiology, behaviour and biochemical parameters in the brain, but including also the extension of life in genetically modified mice with accelerated aging. The authors of this study conclude that mice fed with carnosine may be considered resistant to certain signs of aging.

Interestingly, the rumour has it that Boris Yeltsin was taking “Russian supervitamin”, carnosine, for a long time and therefore looked 10 years younger.

Recent studies indicate that carnosine acts on the aging process due to its unique abilities that protect and extend the functionality and sustainability of key units, which are the basis for our entire body, such as the functionality of proteins, lipids and DNA. Carnosine is becoming a sort of “agent of longevity”, because of its anti-aging effect that suppresses the mechanisms of aging of cells and tissues.

The fact that carnosine is found naturally in the body, but also in food, indicates its absolute safety.


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