How to naturally boost your child’s immunity?

Kolostrum Extra

During colder days, one of the most frequently mentioned topics is immunity. 

Do you know what immunity is? In short, immunity is the body’s ability to defend itself against different viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections. Also, our immune system protects us from the development of some very serious diseases and various poisonings.

Pad imuniteta deteta

Our immune system has a good memory.

Once you fight off the infection, the immune system will produce specific antibodies (soldiers) that can handle the problem. Every following attack by the same pathogen will cause less stress for the organism because the army is prepared to defend a body. This is, actually, how the vaccines work.

Children’s immunity is particularly specific.

At an early age, children are coming into contact with many viruses for the first time, and the immune system is not sufficiently developed. This is the reason why children are often sick in their first years. According to statistics, a child gets sick on average 6-8 times a year. For parents, this seems quite stressful, but in this way children strength their immunity. This creates a strong and powerful immune system that serves us well in adulthood.

And what if the army is not well trained and struggling to win battles? What if your children are often sick, if common colds get complicated and become more severe with sore throats, ears or lung infections? Is there a way to help them?

Absolutely! Over the past several million years Mother Nature has created a perfect composition for mammal babies. It’s called colostrum. Colostrum is a thick, yellow fluid that secretes in the first days after the baby’s delivery. It contains all the necessary antibodies (soldiers) that protect the baby in the first weeks after birth until the child’s immune system is fully developed. Among scientists, this first milk is also called the ‘first vaccine’.

What differs colostrum from all other foods and nutritional supplements is its high content of antibodies and growth factors, quality proteins, low lactose content, reduced fat content and richly present vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Kolostrum extra

We can now provide our body with these significant ingredients in a completely natural and comfortable way.Pakovanje Kolostrum Extra

Kolostrum Extra capsules contain 500mg of natural, biologically produced bovine colostrum, without any additives, allergens or antibiotics. The capsules can be opened and mixed into food or drink, which is especially convenient for young children. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia has approved the use of Kolostrum Extra for children 2 years or older. 

Kolostrum Extra is significantly different from all other immune-boosting dietary supplements!

Colostrum provides the child with pre-formed antibodies that are ready to fight every infection. The growth factors in colostrum are responsible for the rapid growth and development of the digestive system, the brain and the whole body in general.  Children who are taking colostrum supplements show significantly better progress in all spheres of development (psychomotor, cognitive and intellectual). Kolostrum Extra contains all probiotic strains mother has and this additionally contributes to the health of the gastrointestinal tract and immune system.

Many immunologists and allergologists around the world agree that colostrum is the best food supplement you can provide to your child and yourself.

If your children are often sick and often absent from kindergarten and school, have frequent sore throats, digestive tract problems, eczema and allergies, then Kolostrum Extra is the perfect choice for your child.

Furthermore, Kolostrum Extra can also help adults if there are problems with immunity, digestion, bad mood, tissue regeneration or inflammatory processes.

Kolostrum Extra is available in a package of 30 capsules and in a family pack of 120 capsules.