It is programmed to be used in different branches of medicine: such as cardiology, neurology, anaesthesiology, paediatrics, psychology, psychotherapy, sports medicine, fitness programs…

HRV provides an opportunity for assessment of accumulated physical and mental stress. Excessive stress is a common health risk factor, which causes the development of specific diseases.

Who should measure HRV:
– everyone suffering strong mental and physical stress
– everyone who suffer from chronic diseases
– everyone having trouble sleeping
– everyone who suffer from allergies
– before and after surgery
– before, during and after chemotherapy
– professional athletes
– everyone who cares about his/her health and wants to prevent the occurrence of disease

How often and when should we perform HRV measurements? 
– in chronic diseases and constant stress 6 times a year
– for the prevention, 1-2 times a year
– after using a therapy for period of time, so we could observe its effects
– on the advice and recommendation of a doctor