Karnozin Extra and Multiple Sclerosis – Pilot Study

After the significant results of preclinical studies on Karnozin EXTRA and MS mice model, we proceeded to a pilot trial. The trial investigated the effect of Karnozin EXTRA in patients diagnosed with MS. The study was published in the Journal of  Nutrition Research. The trial results were:

  • In all patients, regardless of the level of disease progression, general fatigue was reduced. This is a highly important finding as fatigue has been reported as one of the most debilitating symptoms of the disease and has been associated with the onset of depression (1,2)
  • Another relevant study result observed in all participants is a decrease in numbness, weakness, pain and depression.
  • The walking distance also improved, with a 51% increase observed in a patient who has been diagnosed with MS for 4 years
  • Serum total antioxidant capacity increased in all patients
  • Serum lactate level decreased which may imply the protective effect of carnosine in the increased level of lactates in MS (3)
  • No major side-effects of Karnozin EXTRA® reported by patients