Karnozin Extra® and Multiple sclerosis – The pilot trial

The high number of patients and restricted treatment options

Multiple sclerosis is a highly debilitating disease with around 2 million patients globally (1)  and is marked by a higher number of cases in females (2). In Serbia, there are 6000 who are fighting this disease (3). There is no curative treatment, yet the clinical practice is aimed to ameliorate the symptoms. It is often fatigue that patients report to be a highly limiting factor in their everyday functioning. The fatigue in MS has been reported as one of the worst symptoms which affects the majority of the patients.

Carnomed’s patients share success stories

For a long period behind us, we have been receiving daily phone calls from our patients who are regularly taking Karnozin Extra® and want to share their stories with us. They call us to confirm that Karnozin Extra® works as they could never expect. Our patients report positive changes in symptoms, emphasizing great amelioration of fatigue and outstanding improvement in cognitive functions. Some of them say that their vision became better and it helps them perform their daily activities and improves the quality of their life. Their testimonials about the success stories can be seen on Carnomed Youtube channel.

Scientific data supports us! Study on Karnozin Extra® and MS published in Nutrition Research!

In October this year, we reached one of the biggest milestones for Carnomed. After the significant results of preclinical studies on Karnozin Extra® and MS mice model, we proceeded to a pilot trial. The trial investigated the effect of Karnozin Extra® in patients diagnosed with MS. The study was published in the Journal of  Nutrition Research which is a peer-reviewed journal of high importance in the field. The trial confirmed what we’ve been hearing from our MS patients for a long period who have been taking Karnozin Extra®.

  • In all patients, regardless of the level of disease progression, general fatigue was reduced. This is a highly important finding as fatigue has been reported as one of the most debilitating symptoms of the disease and has been associated with the onset of depression (5,6)
  • Another relevant study result observed in all participants is a decrease in numbness, weakness, pain and depression.
  • The walking distance also improved, with a 51% increase observed in a patient who has been diagnosed with MS for 4 years
  • Serum total antioxidant capacity increased in all patients
  • Serum lactate level decreased which may imply the protective effect of carnosine in the increased level of lactates in MS (7)
  • No major side-effects of Karnozin Extra® reported by patients

We truly believe that this is just the beginning of opening the gate to new options for the patients with MS. After all, we are utterly proud to say that Carnomed is the first company on a global level that analysed the application of carnosine in MS and proved its benefits.

Author: MPharm Milica Krga