Slobodanka Fabian-Diary. My experience with Karnozin Extra month by month

The 4th month with Karnozin Extra:

The power has increased so much that now I am practising several times during the day on gymnastics wall bars, driving a bicycle and exercising for about an hour.
I have managed to maintain myself in the standing position without adhering for 15 seconds, but there is still a tremor present.
It happened that I was left without a carnosine for a few days, but I did not notice any major drop in energy!
By the end of the 4th month, I noticed that over the day, I was able to better control the sphincters!
When I need to get something from the shelf, I am able to stand by myself to take it, and I could not do it until now.


The 5th month with Karnozin Extra:

During the fifth month, I usually spend my time outside with my family or friends because I could easier go into and out of the car.  When I was outside, I have always used the opportunity to stand until someone brought me a wheelchair.
I still react to weather changes, because then I get tremors occasionally.
With both hands holding, I made 5 steps to come to the wheelchairs that were on the terrace! 🙂
By the end of this month, I manage to cross the first 10 meters with the help of the walker.
At the end of the 5th month, with both hands holding, I cross 20m and a few stears when entering and leaving the house.


The 6th month with Karnozin Extra:

It’s such a good feeling when you can control your body every day!
This is how I begin the sixth month.
In the first week of the 6th month, I take my first steps with one hand holding! I completely rely on my feet! The tremor now seems to be reduced, and not getting worse when the weather changes. (earlier I always reacted as the relapse started, my foot was out of my control or my legs were “heavy”).
This deterioration was at the beginning of spring and autumn, so we will see how the situation will develop soon.
Every morning after the practising on the gymnastic wall bars I do half-squats. In the beginning, I managed to do barely 4, and now I’m doing 60! Probably because of this, I soon noticed that my legs do not shake when I want to dress or wear pants (I do not have to raise my leg with my hand to get dressed).
By the middle of this month, I managed to climb two steps in the room alone, adhering to the handrail.
At the end of the 6th month, I manage to climb (and come down) the stairs to the first floor with a handrail and arm hold, without even getting tired!


The 7th month with Karnozin Extra:

The full effect with carnosine I felt after 6 months and I noticed this by starting to feel strong and healthy! With ease I get out of the car, I am much more stable and my walking with the walker is not so difficult and stressful (fear of losing my balance).
At the beginning of the 7th month I pass 30m with a walker, but at 15m I take a short break.
In the middle of this month, I’m doing 80 half-squats (4 sets of 20).
For the first time, I passed 3m on uneven bars, holding with just one hand while keeping balance with the other.
At the end of the month, when I was dressing in a standing position, I spontaneously managed to dress up completely by myself!!!
After such a long time, I can scissor my nails on my hands and feet.
Walking along the stairs is getting easier.


The 9th month with Karnozin Extra:

At the beginning of this month, I succeed to get to the terrace form the yard completely by myself. (I was in the wheelchairs outside, I caught the edge of the door and one step stepped). 🙂
I feel I am much stronger and more stable. After walking 30m (holding the bars) and 2 x 15 squats, I even had the strength to walk 15m with a walker! Tremor is less present, and I am able to stand, my back is stronger.
At the end of this month, I managed to get into the bathtub by myself, to take a shower, and finally to get out of the bathtub!
I am looking forward to every new move, but I noticed that it is impossible without exercise.
The most important thing is that I need less help from others because I do not always have someone besides me. People are amazed when I tell them that I am able to prepare lunch, to make cakes, to practice, all by myself, and they know it was almost impossible few months ago.


The 11th month with Karnozin Extra:

All exercises I do at home do not help me enough on the strengthening of my leg’s muscles, so I came up with an idea to try rowing machine but to use my legs as much as possible. In the beginning, I managed to do 2×10 strokes and by the end of the month I did 50 strokes and then took a break.

By end of this month, I have managed to swim 20m in the swimming pool, all by myself! Next day I swam again without any help, this time I did it 100m (4x25m). I have noticed that I do not have problems with my back muscles anymore, just I am out of shape.

By the end of this month, I swim 300m meters (12x25m) without any help!


The 12th month with Karnozin Extra:

At the beginning of this month, I decided to cancel the services of nurses, because now everything I need (from care to personal hygiene) I can do by myself!

I’m active during all day and those activities include exercises and all housework.

During this month for the first time, I was able to prepare lunch by myself on my feet, standing!

I also started to do some activities in the yard (I have another wheelchair so I use them when I go from home to the garage where my washing machine is located, I let machine to wash my clothes and later remove it and spread it out), I can also clean the path in front of the house.

I noticed that my brain works better, almost as before, so I do not forget so much, have a feeling like something “cleared out” in my head.

The quality of my life has improved so much (although I still have to do a lot of things from the wheelchair) and that’s why my smile does not come off my face 😀

I got a compliment that, despite the fact that my health condition visibly improves, it is noticed that my house is maintained by a woman’s hand.

At the end of this month, I began to use, besides Karnozin Extra, and Komplex Q10 2×1 capsules.


The 13th month with Karnozin Extra

At the beginning of this month, I noticed that I have more energy when exercising and walking. After crossing 60m with help of a loom, without pause and after a short break, I go out with a walk in the yard and pass 50m more! After this progress, I was caught again by the temperature … So I was in bed on the first day, because I could not get to sit in a wheelchair! I immediately increased Karnozin Extra to 4-2-2 and the next day it was a bit easier so I managed to start, and after a week I was again able to function as well as before the temperature and I restored Karnozin Extrato 2-2 -2. Temperature and stress had made me big problems before so that I could get to the condition that I could not sit alone. This was not the case this time. Karnozin did not prevent deterioration, but it reduced them so much, and I quickly recovered! By the end of this month, after a 30m walk, I’m going to the yard with a walkway of 100m!


The 14th month with Karnozin Extra:

Early this month I went out with my sisters for dinner, but this time I sat on a chair! I’m able to walk 60m, after that I can do 40-50 squats, I practice for an hour on the floor and if it is not so cold I’m not going out in the yard to take a 100m walk (I needed a break after 25m and by the end of the month I managed to cross 50m without rest). My wish is that I become capable to go soon with my husband to a coffee in the neighbourhood and this will be possible when I manage 100m walking without rest 😉 All of this is a huge success for me because I went through a very difficult emotional period and I have not practised for about 3 weeks, but I quickly returned back to form! Now I am able to cross over 30m on the gymnastic wall bars, but only holding with one hand!

Advices about diet

Since I was diagnosed with MS, I have constantly read and searched for answers how to help myself, how I can make it easier to manage and control this disease and, if possible, even avoid deterioration …

This is something I would point out from everything I’ve learned over the past eight years, which has helped me a lot:


When I began to introduce changes into a diet, the first thing I did was to start avoiding food that “hurts”, which includes five groups of allergens:

– Milk and dairy products,

– All cereals containing gluten,

– Legumes

– Yeast,

– Fat of animal origin (pork, beef, chicken, turkey without skin and eggs I used moderately).

After three months, gradually introducing one food after another, I discovered which food was the most disturbing (milk products, legumes and gluten). This was proven by the appearance of stronger tremors or spasms in my legs the next day, so I decided to avoid that type of food.

For several years now, I’m starting my day with fruit and vegetable juices to replace breakfast. I found in Harvey Damon’s book “Forever Healthy and Slender” that it’s the best way to start the day because the organism is detoxifying by 12 o’clock and does not include the digestion process for digestive juices because they are broken down by the action of living plant enzymes that they contain, so the liver “rests “. It is interesting that after the juices I do not feel hunger!

Every person needs to find out what is most appropriate for his or her organism and to adhere to it.

Our body is the perfect “machine” and we just need to make it easier for it to repair the damage that has occurred. But above all, we must arm ourselves with patience and persistence, and the healing will come in a time.

Personally, I believe that Karnozin EXTRA shows the perfect results when combining with healthy diet and lifestyle.