What if you could:

Train with more weights?
Extend the overall training time and increase training load?
Increase anaerobic threshold and endurance performance?
Involve fast muscle fibers responsible for muscle growth in training?
Quickly restore energy?
Do all of this in a completely natural way?

Sounds too good? Meet Karnozin Extra, a supplement of the future, as many scientists call it.

Carnosine is a substance consisting of two amino acids (histidine and beta-alanine). With its complex acting as an antioxidant, carnosine fights against free radicals and prevents them from damaging the body. This substance is found naturally in the body, it is present in muscle, particularly in fast muscle fiber type II, heart, and brain.

Carnosine helps to stabilize muscle pH, absorbs hydrogen protons that are released and accumulated in the muscle fibers during workouts, prevents the formation of lactic acid and greatly stimulates regeneration, thus preventing unwanted muscle inflammation. One of the important characteristics of carnosine for any athlete is the ability to regulate pH and high levels of lactic acid in the muscles. In the acidic environment, the possibility of contraction of muscle fibers is reduced, as well as endurance and strength. Carnosine is a substance with a high buffering capacity and also the ability to protect cells from oxidative stress, but probably its most important “mystery” feature is the extension of the normal functioning of damaged cells, sentenced to death. Studies on carnosine show that carnosine is responsible for 30% of the regulatory and regenerative capacity of the body. It has been found that after its consumption, almost immediately comes to the reduction of lactic acid production, muscles rapidly regenerate, continuing their work without signs of fatigue. According to these studies, with the higher concentration of carnosine, the buffering capacity is increased, which leads to performance improvements, later emergence of fatigue and delayed state of exhaustion. Carnosine contributes significantly to the physical-chemical balance of acidity (buffering) in skeletal muscle, which maintains acid-base balance during intense muscle work, where there is a surplus of H + ions produced by the accumulation of lactic acid. This significantly increases the acidity in the muscles, causing muscle fatigue, reduced strength, and endurance, along with the slow recovery. Carnosine prevents unwanted muscle fatigue, which leads to a longer and stronger training endurance. More carnosine means more energy, more strength, and more muscle performance.

KarnozinExtra is a dietary supplement for astronauts and stands for an absolute champion among the supplements. A longtime problem of absorption and utilization of L-carnosine is finally resolved. After 15 years of research, finally, there is a formula of carnosine that allows full utilization of L-carnosine (no decomposition to β-alanine and L-histidine in the digestive tract) and its entry in each cell of the body is guaranteed with the retention period of 8-12h.

In recent years, supplements based on Beta-alanine are becoming popular because of its indirect properties to synthesize carnosine. There is now a complete formula of Karnozin Extra, a product which guarantees maximum absorption and activity in the muscles.

Karnozin Extra, according to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is not on the list of doping products.