Do you feel exhausted, tired or in a bad mood after a hard day?

Karnozin Extra is an important antioxidant, which coordinates general condition of organism.

Free your entire body from tension, tired feet, heart palpitations, headaches… with the simple formula – regular use of Karnozin Extra.

Carnosine stabilizes the nervous system and thereby improves the functioning and increases energy. This “antistresor” also supports memory and restores the activity of the brain. With its special ingredients (specially produced for Carnomed), this dietary supplement is the right solution for everyone who lives in constant physical and mental effort, for people who have to cope with difficult situations.

The concept of stress is explained as a reaction to the physical, psychological, biological, social or chemical stimulant, which impairs normal physical stereotype. Stress is present every day in our lives. Work pressure, meetings, family problems, financial problems, vacations, all of these are everyday stressors. Lack of sleep, mental illness, fatigue from overwork, a large dose of alcohol… all of these factors act on the body as an additional burden.

When the body is unable to adapt and overcome all impacts, regardless of the source of stress, this leads to the physical consequences on the body. Symptoms may include anxiety, variations in blood sugar levels, depression, fatigue, reticence, hair loss, hormonal imbalance, infections, digestive disorders, insomnia, light sensitivity, lower body temperature, mood swings, overweight difficulties. Briefly, stress causes the production of free radicals, which damage mitochondrial function, and the consequence is the reduced ability of the cell to produce energy. Without energy, our life quality is much lower, whether it is physical activity, reflection or digestion of food, everything in life depends on the energy produced by mitochondria. Many people use stimulators such as coffee or sugar as an energy source, but the effect of the energy thereof is usually short-term and may subsequently lead to an even greater exhaustion.

Oxidative stress in the body causes free radicals. Carnosine is an antioxidant that stabilizes and protects the cell membrane. Many antioxidants (such as vitamin C and E) protect tissues, but these antioxidants have little effect if the first line of defense (cell membrane) is damaged. Carnosine is reacted well with all the reactive forms of oxygen, inhibiting in this way the development of oxidative stress. Carnosine does not act only preventively – it is also active if free radicals make harmful compounds (such as lipid peroxides and their secondary products), and the tissues are protected thus from the harmful effects of these substances. The highly reactive end product of lipid peroxidation is malondialdehyde (MDA). When MDA is not destroyed by carnosine, then this compound causes damage to lipids, enzymes, and DNA and plays an important role in the development of atherosclerosis, inflammatory and degenerative process of the joints, development of cataract and in the process of aging in general. Interacting with MDA, carnosine is sacrificed in favor of the protection of amino acids and proteins. Oxidative stress and stress trauma are manifested by reducing carnosine concentrations, which may explain the higher mortality of elderly people after a stressful event.

Therefore, it is enough to know that anti-oxidation is the key to maintaining good health, vitality, and daily functioning. Karnozin Extra will surely help you.