World Congress of Neurology in Dubai: Presentation of an abstract: Medium-Term Carnosine Supplementation Positively Affects Patient-Reported Outcomes in Multiple Sclerosis

It is an August 2019. We have just finished writing a scientific abstract about the influence of Karnozin Extra in patients with multiple sclerosis. With the great help of respected professor Sergej Ostojic, we followed 51 patients for four months before and after using Karnozin Extra via standardized questionnaires. All patients filled out an informed consent form and were instructed to fill the questionnaires realistically and impartially before and after each month of using Karnozin Extra at a dose of four capsules per day.

The results have exceeded our expectations

After this period, we statistically evaluated all the results and came up with very interesting data. Patients reported a significant reduction in fatigue (by 18.1%) as well as an improvement in the quality of life (by 14.5%). We have decided to share such significant progress with the world’s neurological elite. We are the first in the world performing the research on the impact of L-carnosine in multiple sclerosis and we submitted an abstract for a poster presentation at the World Congress of Neurology held in Dubai from October 27, 2019 to October 31, 2019. After two weeks of waiting, we received an affirmative response from the organizing committee of the congress, kindly inviting us to present the abstract to the world’s neurology experts. It is superfluous to even talk about our joy and excitement. It is a truly extraordinary feeling when someone recognizes the importance of your long, hard work and persistence. The abstract will be published in the prestigious Journal of Neurological Sciences.

It is an early September and the preparations are slowly beginning.

It is necessary to write more extensive article methods, results and conclusions, as well as to come with the graphic design of the poster itself. Professor Ostojic helps us a lot with his experience and after about ten days we created the ideal poster version. Plane tickets have been purchased, accommodation booked and Carnomed Director Nenad Ristic and I are ready to go.

Welcome to Dubai

It is Sunday, October 27, 2019. We are at the airport, ready for our flight to the United Arab Emirates. We arrive around 10 pm. Upon landing, the change is already visible. It is warm, indeed. ? And everything creates the impression of luxury. We pick up the car at the airport and head to accommodation, which is located in perhaps the most beautiful part of the city, Dubai Marina. The first night is reserved for rest and preparation for tomorrow’s important day.
The World Congress of Neurology is held every two years. This year it was held for the 24th time. More than 5,000 world neurologists were present at the World Trade Center in this amazing city.

The first day of Congress brings us interesting topics, knowledge sharing and new acquaintances.

Monday. We register, receive congress material, and attend lectures in the large congress hall. The lectures are truly remarkable, the world leaders in this field talk about all the neurological problems: epilepsy, strokes, headaches and migraines, neurodegenerative diseases, multiple sclerosis and pediatric neurology. After the lectures, enough time was left for questions and this form of interaction proved to be a hit. There is an exchange of opinions among neurologists, individual complicated cases are presented, and the best treatments for a particular type of problem are discussed. We actively participate in these discussions and ask questions about the effects of different supplementation on the outcomes of particular conditions. We also make some very important professional contacts.

The second day was dedicated to multiple sclerosis

Tuesday. A day dedicated to multiple sclerosis. The hall is full. We are listening to the lectures by prominent neurologists on this topic. Most of them agree: the cause of MS is unknown, so the therapy is focused on modifying the immune response. New generations of medicines are coming and developing, but the costs are really high and the big question is when they will be available to the patients in Serbia. There is no consensus on dietary guidelines and lifestyles habits, but it is advised to give up cigarettes completely, reduce obesity, and implement regular physical therapy for all patients. The intestinal flora (microbiome) and the onset and development of multiple sclerosis have been extensively discussed. During this day, we also met a delegation of Serbian neurologists, with whom we exchange ideas and they invite us to present the same abstract at Serbian Congress of Neurology with international participation at the end of November 2019 in Vrnjacka Banja. Great news for Carnomed! We use our free time after the Congress to visit the city and the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa.

The presentation of our abstract was reserved for the third day of the congress

Wednesday. A day for presenting our abstract. We post the poster at 8 am and talk to all interested neurologists about the results of the research. The interest is really great. We come to the conclusion that, as in Serbia, most countries have a problem with the treatment of MS patients because of the high financial costs of the therapy. As in our case, most patients, after being diagnosed, receive pulse corticosteroid therapy during relapses and are discharged home without specific treatment that can modify the course of the disease. In discussions with neurologists around the world (from Peru, India, Australia, Russia, Nigeria, Croatia) we all agree that Karnozin Extra could be an ideal choice for all MS patients for many reasons: it definitely reduces fatigue and improves quality of life for patients, there are no side effects, it can be used with all approved MS drugs, it is already on the market, it is available worldwide and monthly costs are many times lower than all other available therapies. Until 4pm we are continually exchanging experiences, contacts and discuss future potential cooperation. Our participation in the congress from the view of our Applied Bioenergetics Lab collaborators can be read here.

The end of the congress, but also the beginning of new scientific collaborations

We are leaving home contented and satisfied with the effect, interest, and sharing awareness among neurologists that there is indeed something completely natural that can help patients who struggle with this disease of uncertain progression and outcome. We will keep in touch with everyone we have met and look forward to some new meetings. This is definitely just the beginning! ?

Jasna Simicic, MPharm